2 Major Signs It’s Time for an LED Business Sign Upgrade

Business owners and shoppers alike understand the importance of an appealing sign. When it’s bright, clean, and well-maintained, it says a lot of the business it represents. The same is true for dated and run-down business signs – customers are likely to form a negative impression before they’ve even stepped inside (and that’s if they step inside). That’s why many business owners look into the merits of an LED upgrade for their exterior sign – it’s a simple way to make it look modern and fresh, all without the expense and delay of getting an entirely new sign. If you’re on the fence, here are two major signs it’s time for an LED business sign upgrade.

Your Sign Still Uses Fluorescent or Neon

If you’re fortunate enough to have been in business for some time, odds are good that your exterior business sign uses fluorescent or neon lights. And that poses a few problems. First, these kinds of lighting systems house environmentally-harmful ingredients. They aren’t particularly efficient, which is bad for the planet and your bottom line. And they use a lot of power – another knock for the environment and your wallet.

Your Sign Has LEDs, But They’re Ten Years Old

Over the past decade, LED technology has evolved significantly. Today’s LED systems easily outperform earlier-generation models, offering better visibility that’s more efficient with less maintenance.

The Benefits of LED

Comparing LEDs to fluorescent and neon lighting systems is like comparing apples to oranges. LEDs offer superior energy efficiency, with energy consumption between 50 and 90% percent less than traditional lighting systems. LED maintenance is also impressive, in the neighborhood of once or twice every five to ten years. From an environmental standpoint, LEDs are just about as green as you can get, since they aren’t made with chemicals like mercury or phosphor and their lifespan typically lasts ten years or more. Another bonus? They’re a safer illumination choice than neon and fluorescents because they don’t pose the same fire hazard risk.

The return on investment for an LED upgrade is typically one to three years, but you’ll enjoy that bright, beautiful, well-lit sign from the moment it’s updated. In Nevada, Have Lights, Will Travel is fully equipped to upgrade your business sign, complete with warranties to cover labor and materials. Contact us today.