Do New LED Lights Need Their Own Fixtures?

LEDs are the latest and greatest option in the lighting industry, but their impact is likely bigger than most people realize. Sure, LED technology means a number of replacement lights. But beyond that, it means an entirely new category of fixtures. It begs the question - do new LED lights need their own fixtures? Not necessarily. Actually, there are pros and cons to simply switching out the lamps or replacing the entire fixture.

Plug and Play

Screw-in LED replacement lamps, or the whimsical plug-and-play, are a fast, easy way to instantly improve energy efficiency and reduce maintenance needs. Other benefits include a significantly longer lifespan and the possibility of taking advantage of lighting rebate programs that can help with upfront retrofit costs.

On the downside, plug and play LED lamps may present challenges with dimming. And because maximum fixture wattage doesn’t change, upgrading may mean potential issues with building codes.

LED Fixture Replacement

Upgrading entire fixtures can mean dramatically improved aesthetics, longer lifespans, and the highest possible efficiency in a lighting system. Switching to LED fixtures also means complete control over considerations like placement and light output. LED fixtures offer reduced maximum fixture wattage compared to traditional options, and performance for both controls and dimming is vastly improved.

Drawbacks to upgrading fixtures include installation costs and timelines, plus higher up-front material costs. Still, over the lifespan of the new fixture, those costs are negligible.

Making the Right Call

Deciding between upgrading lamps or entire fixtures should factor for more than initial cost. If existing light fixtures are in need of repair or maintenace work, upgrading completely will have a number of benefits. And with increased building code requirements on efficiency and controls, upgrading may also keep you compliant.

If offsetting costs with rebates plays into your decision, keep in mind that LED fixtures often have better incentive programs. These programs vary, so it’s worth checking first.

Making the final call can feel daunting, and a recommendation from a specialist may help. In Nevada, Have Lights Will Travel can review your current lighting and offer suggestions about replacing lamps or entire fixtures. Contact us today, and let’s schedule a time to meet.