3 Critical Considerations for LED Retrofits

For many businesses, there comes a time when costs and headache of repairing outdated lighting is simply no longer worth it. That’s often when business owners begin taking a serious look at upgrading to LEDs. It’s a smart strategy that neatly resolves persistence issues, but it’s important to approach a project like this with foresight and planning. Have Lights Will Travel manages these kinds of projects for businesses across Nevada and California, and today, we’re sharing three critical considerations for LED retrofits.

Be Aware of Unique Requirements

Whether you’re considering an LED retrofit for existing high bay, low bay, parking lot, exterior, or another kind of commercial or industrial lighting, they’ll all present unique circumstances that require unique solutions. To accurately address lighting needs, be sure to consider the following:

• The kind of work performed in a given space
• Existing natural light (or lack thereof)
• Existing type and number of lamps
• Existing controls in a space and newly desired controls
• The best use of light in a space

Beyond improving energy efficiency and reducing maintenance needs, LEDs can solve a lot of issues stemming from poor or uneven light quality. Identifying what matters most in your space is key — is it better quality light for improved productivity? An even distribution of light to eliminate shadowed areas for a safer environment? Improved aesthetics? LED replacements with appropriate optics are likely the solution.

Work With What You Have

With an LED retrofit, you’re working with an existing infrastructure. But because LEDs are a directional light source, meaning they emit light in a specific direction, there’s room for creativity within the infrastructure that’s already in place. Different optical patterns can create customized light levels perfectly suited to the needs of a given area. By addressing appropriate color temperatures and other lighting specifications during the planning stage, the final result is a lighting solution that offers outstanding coverage and the best quality light.

Look for Incentives

After deciding what will set your site’s lighting needs properly, start investigating rebates, discounts, and other incentives. There are state and federal funding programs, and local utility and city governments may offer them as well. While there will be specific rules and regulations governing qualifications, and you’ll need to be prepared to show proof of your products, it’s often worth it. If possible, secure these energy incentives before work begins. Otherwise, be very clear about the order of operation to ensure you get those rebates. This is a handy database to learn more about policies and incentives state by state.

Ready to Get Started?

As you begin making plans for an LED retrofit, it’s always a good idea to bring in an expert. An experienced specialist can make all the difference, and in Nevada and California, Have Lights Will Travel is here to help. Contact us today, and let’s discuss how an LED retrofit can change your business for the better.