Three Reasons to Upgrade Exterior Commercial Lighting to LED

We’ve written recently about reasons to upgrade both parking lot lighting and high bay lighting to LEDs. This lighting technology has become the standard for many residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Exterior commercial lighting is no exception. Storage yards, loading docks, and other examples of exterior commercial environments are ideal settings for LED upgrades. Between their durability, minimal maintenance requirements, and exceptional quality of light, here are three reasons to upgrade exterior commercial lighting to LEDs.


Heavy machinery and activity are commonplace in exterior commercial settings — loading machinery, big rigs, and other heavy pieces of equipment constantly in motion in these environments mean lighting is at risk of vibration, shock, and impact. Traditional lighting, such as high pressure sodium or halogen fixtures, can be easily damaged. Exterior LED lighting, with their solid state components, are far less susceptible to this type of damage. In the unlikely event that an LED fixture is damaged, the modular design of many LED lighting systems means it’s easy to replace single units — which brings us to benefit number two.

Minimal Maintenance

While traditional lighting solutions are known for their tendency to fail suddenly, LEDs don’t operate in the same way. Instead of suddenly going dark, LEDs begin dimming as they approach the end of their service life. Regular maintenance reviews, like those offered here at Have Lights Will Travel in Nevada and California, can detect early signs of dimming and make necessary replacements to keep the lights functioning properly without impeding the regular operations of a given commercial facility.

Exceptional Performance

In addition to their impressive lifespan and energy efficiency, LEDs have the distinct advantage of powering on at full illumination immediately. Instead of a delayed warm-up period that restricts a facility from cycling lights on and off to save power, LEDs mean lights are used only when they’re needed.

Safety is paramount in any commercial setting, and the diffused light pattern of LEDs eliminates the dark areas and shadows that can create safety risks. LEDs also replicate natural lighting, further improving safety and light quality for your employees.

Ready for an Upgrade?

Learn more about how an LED retrofit can benefit your exterior commercial space. Contact Have Lights Will Travel in Nevada and California today, and we’ll prepare a detailed estimate for your review. There are many advantages to upgrade your exterior commercial lighting to LEDs — find out more today.