Three Reasons LEDs Fail Early — And How to Prevent It

One of the selling features of LEDs is their longevity. And while the industry standard for lamp failure is quite small at three percent, some building owners are experiencing much higher rates of roughly twenty percent. For a facility manager, repairing 20 out of every 100 lamps is a frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive project. On the plus side, there are a handful of common culprits for failing LEDs. Today, Have Lights Will Travel is sharing three reasons LEDs fail early, and how to prevent it from happening to you.

Inferior Testing

Rushing LEDs from the factory to the consumer often involves skipping the very tests that ensure performance and longevity. Properly tested LEDs are highly likely to perform for their full lifespan. That’s because LEDs are solid-state electronics. If they’re going to fail, it will likely happen early. You can often avoid multiple issues by opting for LEDs that meet standards from both Environmental Testing Laboratories (ETL) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Poor Quality Materials

Noticeably inexpensive LEDs may seem like a steal at first glance, but cut-rate pricing is often a sign of inferior materials. An LED is made of several components, and performance is tied to how efficiently the components work together. Skimping on component quality will inevitably impact performance and lifespan. Be wary of counterfeit products too. They are a surprising number of realistic imitations, right down to the logos, packaging, and part numbers. Unfortunately, that attention to detail doesn’t extend to patents or safety. Verify a product’s UL mark at the UL Certifications Directory.

Inadequate Thermal Management

We discussed the importance of efficient heat sinks in a recent post, but surrounding temperature is another consideration. LEDs can function in the kinds of environments that other lighting technologies cannot, but only with effective thermal management. In particularly cold temperatures, LEDs may need extra low thermal protection to avoid cracking.

The Key To Avoiding LED Failure

Opting for high quality LEDs is the best way to ensure performance and lifespan. If you aren’t sure where to begin, an experienced electrical contractor like Have Lights Will Travel can make recommendations for products and installation. Contact us today for more information.