Three Energy Efficient Tips to Boost Your Bottom Line

It costs money to run a business, and depending on your industry, the power bill can be an enormous fixed cost. But energy efficiency goes a surprising distance — with a few simple swaps, you may be surprised at how much you can save. If saving money on your power bill is a goal, Have Lights Will Travel shares these three energy efficient tips to boost your bottom line.

Power Down When You Don’t Need It

This is the easiest way to save your pennies, and it won’t cost you a dime. If your business uses lights, radios, televisions, or other appliances running during hours they aren’t being used, make a change. Using power to, say, light up a bathroom all day long, has a cumulative effect, and you’ll see it when the power bill shows up.

Enacting a new policy that directs your staff to turn off lights and devices when they aren’t needed is a simple way to save. And while you may have heard otherwise, you aren’t getting a longer life out of lights or appliances by leaving them running round the clock.

Pro tip — Adding timers and sensors to strategic lights in your business removes the possibility of employees forgetting to hit the lights on their way out. Ask Have Lights Will Travel for more information about these kinds of additions, and what simple changes like this can do for your power bill.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

One of the best ways to keep your lights running as efficiently as possible is by scheduling preventative maintenance. Instead of waiting for an emergency scenario, or letting small issues balloon into big problems, preventative maintenance will ensure that all of your technology is running as it should. Plus, it’s a great way to extend the lifespan of your lights and other technology.

Here at Have Lights Will Travel, we offer both quarterly and monthly maintenance audits, as well as night-time service, to keep your lights running as they should. And while scheduling this kind of routine work isn’t free, it’s far less than what you’d pay the same crew to rush out for emergency service. Look at it as an investment in keeping your business functioning safely, smoothly, and comfortably.

Upgrade Lighting

You’re likely familiar with the fact that incandescent light bulbs aren’t nearly as efficient as LEDs. But do you really know what those old bulbs are costing you? Switching to LEDs, with their improved energy efficiency and significantly longer lifespans, means savings on two fronts — immediately on your power bill, and over time for replacement costs. Plus, many of the benefits that make LEDs more efficient also make them much better for the environment. Those old incandescents waste much of their light as heat, which means your air conditioning works harder to maintain a comfortable interior temperature — another expense for you and the planet.

The Takeaway

Trimming your utility bill may be easier than you think. Here in Nevada, Have Lights Will Travel is happy to discuss the benefits of adding sensors and timers to your lights, preventative maintenance, and LED retrofits — three ways you can rapidly boost energy efficiency for a better bottom line. Contact us for recommendations today.