Four Benefits of LEDs in the Parking Lot

Business owners may spend a lot of time thinking about interior lighting or their exterior sign, but parking lot lighting isn’t always on their radar. From a customer’s perspective, that’s often an oversight. A well-lit parking facility improves safety and gives people positive first and last impressions. The best way to light up your lot without breaking the bank? LEDs! Here are four benefits of LEDs in the parking lot.

Improved Visibility

Dimly-lit parking lots or those with noticeable dark spots can create safety issues for your customers by masking uneven sections of pavement. Upgrading to LEDs makes it easy to create uniform lighting across your entire parking lot. The certified electricians here at Have Lights Will Travel in Reno can recommend fixtures with appropriate configurations for optimal beam dispersion.

Superior Durability

Northern Nevada is no stranger to wild weather. Between high desert heat, the beating sun, high winds, and snow, exterior lighting systems take a beating. Let us recommend parking lot fixtures that will stand up to the weather with features like aluminum construction, corrosion-resistant powder coatings, and tempered glass lenses.

Eco Friendliness

From an environmental standpoint, LEDs are miles ahead of fluorescent and neon lighting systems. Energy savings ranges between 50 and 90% compared to more traditional options, which means a reduced carbon footprint. Plus, LEDs lack hazardous chemicals present in other lighting options, so they’re easy to recycle once they reach the end of their service life. As it happens, that’s around 25 times longer than traditional bulbs!

A Better Bottom Line

Lighting up your parking lot with metal halides takes twice as much electrical energy input as LEDs. Business owners can reduce their parking lot maintenance costs and provide better lighting with a modern LED lighting system.

Have Lights offers a convenient night-time service. Let our team map your property to identify dark spots. We’ll prepare a report of our findings, plus pricing and recommendations for upgrading to LEDs in your parking facility. Contact us today!