Four Great Reasons to Upgrade Commercial & Industrial Lighting to LED

Business is booming here in northern Nevada, with new commercial and industrial projects popping up seemingly overnight. While those new structures will feature the latest in energy efficient features, older buildings in town need not be left behind. Before you start debating big, expensive renovations, here’s a bright idea – consider the benefits of retrofitting those dated light fixtures. Here are four great reasons to upgrade commercial and industrial lighting to LED.

A Quick Primer

You’re likely familiar with the acronym, but you may not know that LED stands for light-emitting diode. It’s one of the most energy-efficient lighting technologies available today. LEDs are more durable than other kinds of lighting, they last longer, and they offer comparable or often better light quality too. A good quality LED bulb can perform for 25,000 hours or longer – 25 times longer than traditional light bulbs. There is little wasted heat, and LEDs can be used across a range of applications thanks to their compact size, minimal maintenance needs, durability, and unique ability to focus light. Plus, since they contain no mercury, they have a smaller environmental impact.

Trim your Electrical Bill

The percentages vary, but research suggests that swapping outdated fluorescent lighting with LEDs can save as much as 78% on electrical costs over the course of 25 years. That’s because LED lights are more energy efficient, so they burn less energy, produce less heat, and need less maintenance than fluorescent or metal halide lighting. You’ll likely be surprised by what your dated lighting really costs, and a detailed estimate can be illuminating. Contact Have Lights now, and we’ll conduct an audit to determine your potential savings.

Benefit from Rebates & Incentives

Local power companies benefit from commercial and industrial energy upgrades. It makes sense – when you use less energy, it means more to go around. Compound that across a city or an entire state, and you reduce the need for additional power plants to be built. That’s why power companies started offering rebate programs. Locally, NV Energy offers Nevada businesses a variety of energy-efficient incentives for improvements to existing facilities – and they include lighting. Check out their guidelines and requirements for more details.

Happier, More Productive Employees

Bad lighting can promote sleepiness and cause issues like headaches and eye strain – not a great recipe for employee productivity. Give your staff a workspace with lighting that mimics true daylight – it’s better for the body and the mind. Better, brighter lighting has been linked to fewer accidents, improved mental performance and morale, and higher productivity.

A Simple Swap

Have Lights can handle every aspect of your energy-efficient upgrade so that you can keep your focus where it matters – on your business. With our mobile “warehouse on wheels,” we have all of the equipment and supplies necessary to reach your existing fixtures. Leave it to Have Lights, and you’ll be enjoying more efficient lighting before you know it.

Ready to Learn More?

For a free estimate, contact Have Lights about your business or property in southern and northern Nevada. LED retrofits are one of the best ways to bring modern conveniences to an older building, and it’s an upgrade that truly pays for itself.