The Most Successful Commercial LED Retrofits Start With These 2 Steps

The bottom line is a constant consideration for businesses, and that’s true whether you’re a commercial business owner or a property manager. Savvy businesses add value by decreasing maintenance costs and boosting energy efficiency, and an LED retrofit can accomplish both. It sounds simple, but it’s an upgrade that can quickly feel overwhelming. Fortunately, making decisions about your building’s lighting doesn’t have to be daunting if you keep your goals in mind. That’s why the most successful commercial LED retrofits start with these two steps.

Define Your Priority

Money is the driving force behind most decisions, and that makes sense. But take it a step further, and consider what else is most important to your business.

• Conserving Energy — There’s an environmental benefit to energy conservation, but it’s also good for the bottom line. Energy is roughly 80% of total lighting costs, which means an LED upgrade could bring about impressive financial savings.
• Improving Performance — LEDs have a laundry list of benefits, and dramatically improved light performance is one of them. Good quality lighting is rarely low on the priority list of a business, and LEDs offer all kinds of innovative features for use in different environments.
• Reducing Maintenance — Take a good look at annual maintenance costs, and you’ll likely be stunned at what your business pays to maintain, repair, and replace your facility’s lights. An LED retrofit can slash those costs.

Zeroing in on whether energy, performance, or maintenance matters most to your business can help clarify your need. In Nevada and California, Have Lights Will Travel can offer recommendations based on your priorities, and some recognition ahead of time is always helpful.

Consider Your Unique Circumstances

Every project is unique, with unique variables and goals. Assessing where you currently stand and where you hope to go can give you a clear path forward. Begin by understanding current lighting costs, energy usage, and lamp wattages. Investigate current maintenance costs to create a usable budget and anticipated ROI. Then, find a trusted lighting contractor for estimates relating to installation and project timeframes. Ask specifically about potential rebates for which your project may qualify.

Above All…

A successful commercial LED retrofit hinges on the company you keep. You need a company that understands the industry and has the experience and expertise to handle your project. Have Lights Will Travel can manage your LED retrofit from start to finish with a customized plan that addresses your priorities and unique circumstances. Contact us today, and let’s get started.