4 Reasons Commercial LED Retrofit Projects Go Wrong

As a leading electrical contractor in Nevada and California, Have Lights Will Travel has extensive experience with LED retrofits. We understand the appeal of upgrading to the efficiency of LED lighting and we’ve been fortunate to have a hand in countless success stories. But we’ve also heard wild expectations — overblown hype that bears little resemblance to the functional and financial reality. To help you avoid disappointment or outright disaster, here are four reasons commercial LED retrofit projects go wrong. Learn them, so you can avoid them!

Overlooking Aesthetics

Swapping out existing lighting for LED bulbs may not be sufficient for improved lighting. It’s key to consider the area of usable light and make plans for a retrofit based on that. The goal, after all, is better lighting. A contractor like Have Lights can create a detailed retrofit plan that will account for not only high quality lighting, but an improved aesthetic impact.

Skimping on Safety

Safety should be priority number one for all lighting and electrical projects. A professional understands best practices for safety and can recommend quality products that have been thoroughly inspected by accredited agencies like the Underwriters Laboratory and the DLC. It’s not as simple as swapping out bulbs and fixtures. Sometimes going the DIY route by buying products on the internet or hiring your cousin’s boyfriend can create bigger problems down the road. We’ve seen it firsthand – flashing LED fixtures and fires caused by not properly tested equipment. Hiring a professional who will recommend quality products is key.

Forgetting Future Replacement Costs & Maintenance

One of the biggest selling points of LEDs is longevity. They do last significantly longer than traditional lighting options, but the fact remains that at some point, repairs or replacements will be necessary. Businesses that fail to factor for these costs are doing themselves a disservice. Be very clear — LED technology and manufacturing techniques are ever-evolving. That fact alone means future replacements or upgrades could be pricy. Additionally, some fixtures are not designed to be repaired and will require replacement. If you find yourself in a situation where you’ll have to pay for a whole new fixture, it may not be worth it.

Expecting Instant ROI

This is often the biggest pitfall for businesses completing an LED retrofit. The allure of huge savings thanks to improved energy efficiency often overshadows specifics. Yes, LEDs consume less energy. But depending on the lighting needs of your facility, a positive return on investment could take at least a few years. The bottom line is a motivating factor for any business, and maximizing your ROI often means a comprehensive approach to lighting that includes options like occupancy sensors or timers.

The Takeaway

This post isn’t intended to steer a business away from the idea of an LED retrofit. But looking past the hype to the facts is a far better strategy for everyone involved. The best way to decide if an LED retrofit is right for your business is by speaking with a professional. Have Lights Will Travel is here to answer your questions — contact us today, and let’s discuss your project.