Four Environmental Benefits of LEDs

The benefits of sustainability for the planet are clear. But more and more, businesses have something to gain from incorporating greener practices — and it’s not just the self-righteous flush that comes from doing something good for the earth. Optimizing a business’ processes saves resources, which is better for the bottom line. And one of the best ways to optimize a necessary expense — lighting — is with an LED retrofit. Today, we’re looking at four environmental benefits of LEDs — all the more reason to consider an upgrade.

Yes, They’re More Energy Efficient

This is a regularly touted advantage, and a prime selling feature, of LEDs. Depending on what they’re replacing, LEDs can be up to 80% more efficient. That’s because the design itself minimizes heat waste, converting 95% of its energy into light. LEDs also draw less power without sacrificing lumens, or the amount of visible light. This reduced energy means less drawing from power plants, which helps decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

They Offer Better Light Distribution

LEDs are a directional light source, which means fewer lights are often needed to achieve the same level of visibility. Fewer lights means less energy consumption. Plus, LEDs offer a greater light output, which translates to better light quality with less wattage.

They Contain Safer Elements

Toxic chemicals like mercury and phosphors are used in traditional lighting, necessitating steps for compliant disposal. And ultimately, those chemicals leech into the environmental. LEDs don’t have those noxious ingredients. When they do require replacement — which will eventually happen, as not even LEDs last forever — they won’t contaminate the environment.

They Have A Greater Lifespan

We’re accustomed to tossing whatever we don’t need, and that includes old lightbulbs. But it takes a toll on our planet and on our wallets. LED bulbs will ultimately need disposing of, but they last much longer than traditional bulbs — almost six times as long. Reducing replacements means reducing our need for the manufacturing, packaging, and transportation of those replacements, which means fewer carbon emissions.

The Last Word

Going green is more than a corporate buzzword. It’s long overdue for businesses and individuals alike to take responsibility for their carbon footprint. Investing in LED lighting has the advantage of offering businesses benefits that aren’t limited to the environment. At the very least, it’s worth investigating what an LED retrofit would offer your company. In Nevada and California, Have Lights Will Travel has the expertise to answer all of your questions and manage your retrofit. Contact us today, and let’s discuss your options.