Warehouse on Wheels

In 1979, the founder of Have Lights Will Travel went door to door selling light bulbs in a truck fully stocked up with inventory. It’s a concept that’s stayed with the company all these years, and when installation became a new offering at Have Lights, that “warehouse on wheels” would prove to be a key differentiator for us in the electrical contractor market. Today, Have Lights owner Kyle McClelland takes us inside one of our work trucks for a closer look at these warehouses on wheels.

Lights To Go

Warehouse on wheels is an apt visual — our trucks contain a scaled-down version of the inventory we stock in our warehouse. And the benefits are clear.

Prepared for everything: Our trucks are stocked with just about everything we’ll need to for a given job, which means no need to leave the job site to track down supplies.
Versatility: It’s a common scenario that our technical arrives for pole lighting issues and ends up also addressing an office lighting problem. With everything at hand in the truck, we have all the products we need to handle a multitude of lighting issues.
Efficiency: By equipping our trucks with just about all the materials we need, we make it easier to get the job done right in the shortest amount of time possible.

It’s true that other businesses and industries see the wisdom of mobile warehouses on wheels, but we take it a step further. Our trucks are strategically stocked for maximum efficiency and ease of installation — no digging through unlabeled products or piles of papers. We also keep our mobile warehouses clean and presentable in order to offer another competitive advantage — speed. Have Lights Will Travel installs more lights in an hour than anyone else in our market, and our warehouse on wheels makes it all possible.

Distributor Pricing

Calling our trucks warehouses on wheels is deliberate — they’re stocked with a variety pf quality products from reputable manufacturers. We buy direct and pass along the savings to our customers. Our goal is to deliver the best possible price for the highest quality product, and we stand behind that quality because we do the testing ourselves. Internal testing here at Have Lights means we can wholeheartedly recommend products that will do their job properly.

We’ll Bring the Warehouse to You

The next time you have lighting issues in the parking lot, warehouse, or office building, consider the benefits of an electrical contractor with a robust mobile inventory. In the Nevada market, Have Lights Will Travel is here to help, and we think you’ll find that our warehouse on wheels makes our service seamless and efficient from the beginning of a project to the end.