LED Samples at Have Lights Will Travel

Everybody loves samples, a fact that CostCo clearly understands. People appreciate being able to try a product before they purchase, plain and simple. And that’s true for salted almonds, seaweed chips, and, yes, LEDs. Before committing to a particular lighting technology, you should be able to see your options. Here’s how Have Lights Will Travel makes that possible.

Drone Flyover Before & After

Our aerial drone footage offers examples of our retrofitted properties — what they looked like before the upgrade, how the light has improved after, and what products were used to make that happen.

On-Site Sample Fixture

Have Lights Will Travel will also install a sample fixture on your property This is an entirely free service that gives you a true sense of the new lighting. If you like it, we can move forward with a full upgrade. If you don’t, we’ll put back your old fixture. And if, on the off chance, you like the fixture itself and want to keep it without proceeding with an entire retrofit, we can make that happen too. Nine times out of ten, seeing the dramatic improvement a quality fixture can make is the motivation people need to move forward.

The sample fixture is an excellent way to compare Have Lights against a competitor. To prove that our products will out-shine and out-perform our competitors, we’ll install both options for you — again, at no charge. Then you can see the difference for yourself.

If you happen to be outside our Nevada and California territory, a sample fixture option is something that any lighting contractor should be able to offer. They may charge for the labor, but you should be able to see a sample fixture on your property before being asked to make a final decision.

One caveat may apply. If you have a specific or special type of fixture that requires a special production run — maybe it’s a different color or there’s something out of the norm — you may not be able to see a sample fixture of what that looks like. Still, you should be able to see something very similar so you have a clear idea of light output. No one should buy a fixture without seeing it first.

The Takeaway

Whether you’re considering a lighting retrofit in your office, your warehouse, for pole lighting, we’re here to help. From before-and-afters of our past retrofits to on-site samples, we’ll work with you to ensure you truly understand what a difference new lighting will make in your space. Learn more about lighting as a service for information about how to get a free lighting retrofit, and contact us today for lighting samples.